022 - Antidote to Crushing Heartbreak: A 5-Part Series (Part 1 ~ Hope & Understanding)

Posted on April 19th, 2018

Many of us have been through a devastating breakup. Whether it was a long-term relationship or a marriage, there is nothing more painful than the loneliness of crushing heartbreak. But, in my 20 years working as a divorce lawyer, I've witnessed some incredible transformations; clients who not too long ago wandered into my office in a daze of devastation now live vibrant, happy lives.

This five-part series, called The Antidote To Crushing Heartbreak, captures the wisdom of my clients and puts it into a strategic guide for anyone struggling to overcome the aching loneliness of divorce or separation.

Part 1: Hope & Understanding helps to put into perspective why the pain is so intense, and shares the inspiring story of one client who suffered incredibly - and who now leads a rewarding and fulfilling life.


Susan Pinker - The Village Effect https://www.susanpinker.com/

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