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015 - The Hygge Life: How To Create A Family

Posted on January 31st, 2018

In the last episode, you heard about the concept of Hygge. Hygge originates in Denmark, and relates to being cozy, connected, and to paying attention to the little comforts life has to offer.

Today, we explore the idea further, specifically how you can use Hygge to create community and family connections that will help you thrive. Hygge helps us provide a cultural framework, or canvas, upon which we can develop the Hygge personal experiences.

Danes don’t expect Hygge to come to them. They create it. They create it purposefully and do so consciously. Like everything that matters, there is an effort involved, and it is a priority. They do this with their relationships also. Using Hygge they purposefully create their relationships.


Iben Sandahl The Danish Way of Parenting

Sandahl being interviewed for How To Be Married



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